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"I close my eyes in order to see"

Paul Gaugin

Original Paintings - Abstract Ladies

“Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?” ~ William Shakespeare

Sissi Janku wanted to be an artist from as early as she can remember. Through moves from Germany, where she grew up, to Hawaii, California and then Florida, she has seen her artwork evolve from Tropical Designs to European architecture, back to Tropical themes.

Now she finds her work tending toward the abstract, with women playing a more prominent part.

Her sources of influence are the vivid and energetic coloring of the Fauves movement, Henry Matisse, Richard Diebenkorn, and Pierre Bonnard, to name a few.

The mood is sweet, relaxed and sensual, a dreamlike escape from the conflicts and confines of the realm of reality.

“I am finally at a time, place and mind where I feel free enough to experiment with these personalities. It is so important to refresh myself constantly.”

These paintings are done with the palate knife in oil or acrylic.

  • Abstract Ladies: Lazy Afternoon - Custom Frame by Jean Claude Roge
  • Abstract Ladies: Flamenco
  • Abstract Ladies: Costa del Sol
  • Abstract Ladies: Parisian Mood
  • Abstract Ladies: Serenade
  • Abstract Ladies: Tuscan Sun
  • Abstract Ladies: Summer Dream
  • Abstract Ladies: First Date
  • Abstract Ladies: Cote d'Azure
  • Abstract Ladies: Life's Passion
  • Abstract Ladies: Waterfall
  • Abstract Ladies: Morning Melody
  • Abstract Ladies: The Violine
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