Sissi Janku Art Studio

"I close my eyes in order to see"

Paul Gaugin

Painting Classes

South Seas Island Resort, Captiva Florida

Sissi will be teaching two weekly art classes at South Seas Island Resort.

After studying at the Academy of Arts in Munich Sissi moved to Hawaii and studied with the famous artist John Young. She has been a full time artist painting in oils, acrylics and watercolors and teaching ever since in Sanibel and Captiva, Florida.

In a relaxed and casual atmosphere, students will learn the basic artistic concepts of: line, color, perspective, light, form, composition, color theory, etc. The students will develop simple creative techniques that will result in exhilarating and interesting ways to express their artistic ideas, while developing their individuality and painting technique.

Her preferred media is acrylics, because of its versatility and fast drying time.The cost is $60 and all materials will be provided.

Each session will be two hours of glorious enjoyment and artistic creation. 

Mark your calendars for Tuesdays and Thursdays 2pm to 4pm.
For more information and class registration, email Sissi at or call Sissi at 239-888-6980.

Community House, Sanibel Florida

Fun evening painting event at the Community House “Colorful Sips"

Here’s a way to socialize, learn something new, express yourself and have fun with a purpose.
Sissi Janku, will encourage the artist within by guiding and helping you to complete a masterpiece. 

Party and paint with The Community House’s professional art instructor creating your own beautiful work of art to take home. Come with friends, or come alone, and make new friends! 
All the materials will be provided: 12”x16” canvas, paints, brushes and aprons…
Unleash your inner Cézanne with a little Chardonnay! Bring your favorite tipple. Pack a snack for sharing with fellow artists.

A fun and relaxed opportunity to create an original work of art, signed by you! 
Join Sissi at 7pm on the first Wednesday of the month, November through April 7-9pm for an evening of artsy fun.

Pricing: "Member Special" $45, non-members $55, for the 2-hour event. 
To reserve please call the Sanibel Community House at: 239-472-2155

For more information Check out Sissi's Blog for all the details

Sissi's Art Classes

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